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Atlas is a leading global asset manager that owns and operates the businesses in which it invests while focusing on deploying capital across multiple verticals.

Seaspan Corporation

Seaspan is the largest independent owner and operator of containerships in the world, with an industry-leading, fully-integrated operating platform that delivers unique and differentiated value to our customers through a full life-cycle asset management approach. 

Fully-integrated platform

With an intense focus on operational excellence, Seaspan leverages the benefits of being an asset owner and operator to deliver a full suite of creative solutions to our customers – operationally, commercially and financially. Seaspan’s fully-integrated platform facilitates industry-leading safety performance, reliability and cost efficiency. 

High-Quality Customer Partnerships and Resilient Business Model

We charter our vessels primarily pursuant to long-term, fixed-rate time charters to the world’s leading container shipping liners, including long-term charters with eight of the top ten global liners. As of September 30th 2023, we have approximately $17.6 billion of long-term gross contracted cash flow on a fully-delivered fleet basis, with an average remaining charter term over 7 years on a TEU-weighted basis. Seaspan provides its customers with significant portions of their operating capacity. The trust our customers place in us is underpinned by our reputation for safety and reliability which we have built over the years.

Financial Strength and Stability

Seaspan’s balance sheet strength and financial liquidity allow us to pursue quality opportunities through thoughtful capital allocation.

APR Energy Ltd.

APR provides rapidly deployable, large-scale power and fast-track mobile power to underserved markets and industries. Our mobile, turnkey power plants help run countries, cities and industries around the world in both developed and developing markets. We create unique value through delivering large-scale power projects anywhere in the world in significantly less time than the typical two to five years required to plan, finance, construct and commission a permanent power plant. We offer customized turnkey solutions including flexible plant design, fast-track installation, supply of balance of plant, and full decommissioning.

Unique Assets with Contracted Cash Flows

APR is the only global, at-scale operator of mobile gas turbines. The company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on both fast-track and long-term power generation opportunities as the leading owner and operator of an ~850MW mobile gas turbine fleet, as well as a legacy fleet of ~380MW diesel/gas generators.

APR’s strength as an operator providing fast, flexible, and fully-integrated global services supports the company’s long-term contracted cash flows. APR’s contract terms range from one to five years, which provide strong free cash flow yields across its deployed fleet.

Global Macro Tailwinds

APR operates against a compelling macro backdrop of growing emerging market demand for power. The transition to alternative and distributed power generation and power disruption from increasing incidences of natural disasters create an increased need for fasttrack power. APR’s operations in both developed and developing markets deliver solutions to meet these needs; we also allow for customers to use alternative fuels such as natural gas, LNG and LPG to replace aging infrastructure and provide our customers grid stability solutions for grids that rely on renewables.

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